Understanding Equities

Our suggestion is that you invest in premium stocks, which come with the investment potential to deliver achievable variation over the extended term. With more than 65,000 individual stocks, and various stock funds available, it can be an investor's dilemma to select the right ones.

At Stellar Capital, we are solely dedicated to delivering our clients premium investment solutions, which is why we consistently do not suggest to them the trendiest, most recent stock that they found out about from 'a buddy'. Time and time again, it has been demonstrated that the majority of investors who adopt that course, are let down, and this is why we are selective about the investments we endorse.

Chess Equity

Quality: Quality stocks can deliver both existing dividends, together with continued dividend growth, which in turn leads to better stability and less volatility than a large number of lower-quality, non-dividend-paying stocks. Practical experience shows us that investment into higher-quality companies, B+ rated and above, are generally equipped to produce more consistent revenues and dividend growth. Over the years, this is what has enabled them to perform better in the time of any slumps in markets.

Diversification: Diversification is a strategy that we encourage in investors to ensure that their investments aren't concentrated in a certain sector or market. Spreading your investments among various market sectors will always help investors reduce their risk.

Our teams of professionals understand this, which is why they research all of the financial market sectors for investment openings, and this is what sets us apart. Commodities, ETFs and IPOs are just a number of the recommendations that our company offers our clients to ensure their market diversification and yields are generated.

Long-term perspective quality and diversification works only if you hold your investments through both bad and good markets. Even quality stocks go down when markets drop, which may cause investors to second-guess their strategies.

Never lose sight of the significance of time. Pay attention to the long-term but continue to be shrewd during the course of short-term market volatility, as this could be fundamental to achieving improved returns. For full detailed information on our equities insights and opportunities that may fit your particular goals, please get in touch with us today and request to speak with an equities advisor.

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