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Client's average returns over 12 month periods


59.06 (-1.20)
Targa Resources
136.17 (1.64)
Helmerich & Payne
39.23 (-4.71)
First Solar
213.58 (2.60)
Fresnillo Plc
7.92 (-4.81)
Eli Lilly and Company
848.90 (-6.26)

Stellar's Vision

To be Asia's go-to innovative, bespoke Asset Management Company, which helps achieve the financial dreams of anyone and everyone.

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Building a Strategy

We develop your profile, taking into account where your emphasis exists.

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Retail clients

We strive to focus on offering active interaction with our clients.

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Corporate Clients

We continuously evaluate our financial investment approach at each step.

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Low Commissions

We keep our commissions at a minimum so our clients maximise profitability.

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Standard methods of investing are out of date

The old means of investing are laden with excessively complex terms, high charges, as well as being exclusive. At the same time, not everyone has the time as well as the ability to handle their funds. Our team believes that there needs to be a much better method for investors.

We envision a wiser approach to your investment needs

Stellar Capital Pte Ltd started as a social endeavour to return even more to investors. Our exclusive financial investment approach permits us to minimize, as well as remove intermediary costs and forward these savings to you, our customers. What's more, you can relax assuredly while your money works for you.

Your interests are our priority

We are completely transparent. We eliminate perplexing fee arrangements and we ensure that you are fully advised on your investment status. Accomplishing your financial aspirations is our priority.

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What We Offer

Stellar Capital offer a wide range of investment services and products including:

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Our suggestion is that you invest in to premium stocks, which come with the investment potential to deliver achievable variation over the extended term. With more than 65,000 individual stocks, and various stock funds available, it can be an investor's dilemma to select the right ones.

At Stellar Capital Pte Ltd, we are solely dedicated to delivering our clients premium investment solutions, which is why we consistently do not suggest to them the trendiest, most recent stock that they found out about from 'a buddy'.

Managed commodity futures, by their very essence, are a diversified investment opportunity. This opportunity provides the investor the ability to trade in over 50 different commodities globally.

A number of these trades are able to then further diversify by utilizing numerous trading techniques on each, which will provide the investor endless trading choices, and as a result, increase their return potential.

At Stellar Capital we understand and accept that no two investors share the exact same objectives. That's why it takes an individually customized approach to fund management to make your individual goals a reality.

Our fund management consultants work with many different clients, at many different points of their lives, so no matter where you are, or where you're trying to get to, your fund manager can design a customized strategy to help you get there.

Essentially what an IPO does it takes a private company public. It is also a means for an existing company listed on one of the exchanges to spin off or create a new company from its parent company

Among the most prominent factor for a private company to enter the public market is raising immediate liquid assets by way of making available shares in the company. A lot of private companies would certainly choose to avoid most of the trouble of observing reporting and other policies, but occasionally a company really needs to expand or create large amounts of capital to keep up with competitors.

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