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Our investment philosophy centres on the preservation of personal finances and liquidity, the foremost concern of investors, in four distinct areas:


With more than 65,000 individual stocks, and various stock funds available.


We provide the investor the ability to trade in over 50 different commodities globally.

Managed Funds
Managed Funds

It takes a customized approach to fund management to make your individual goals a reality.


An existing company listed on one of the exchanges to spin off or create a new company from its parent company.

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Our Approach

Stellar Capital follows the same basic investment approach across all our investment options, that is, we invest in deeply mispriced situations, with a large margin of safety. Our due diligence process is structured around the answers to 5 key questions:

  • Business quality: How good are the company and the industry in which it operates in?
  • Management quality: How competent, honest and aligned is the company’s management?
  • Position sizing: How much capital should we commit to this position?
  • Valuation: What is the extent of the margin of safety?
  • Catalysts: What are the events that would cause the company's valuation to reflect our estimate of intrinsic value, and when could such events occur?

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