Market Analysis

Financial Markets Overview - August, 2023

Worries surrounding China's economic trajectory contributed to the drop in August's equity. July's data on activity, credit, and inflation missed expectations. Focus remained on the challenges facing China's real estate sector and fluctuating consumer trust.

Stellar Capital STELLAR Sep 7, 2023

Financial Markets Overview - May, 2023

Nvidia exceeded expectations with its end-of-month results, generating excitement in the artificial intelligence sector. The company's revenue outlook surpassed predictions, driven by heightened demand for its cutting-edge semiconductors crucial for advancing AI technology.

Stellar Capital STELLAR Jun 6, 2023

Financial Markets Overview - April, 2023

April was characterized by low volatility in equity markets as investors adopted a cautious approach, awaiting more clarity on economic trends and monetary policy.

Stellar Capital STELLAR May 5, 2023

Financial Markets Overview - March, 2023

March was marked by significant stress in the banking industry, causing concerns among investors. Despite this, equity markets managed to end the month on a positive note, while bond yields experienced a notable decline. Central banks continued their efforts to tighten monetary policy without hesitation.

Stellar Capital STELLAR Apr 7, 2023